Token Distribution Schedule
To ensure sound inflation within the ecosystem, the distribution model considers everyone and we will employ a low initial circulation, ensuring a fair launch to enable a long-term alignment. Early adopters will be vested over time, receiving monthly disbursements, with 15-25% of their tokens unlocked during the launch of Roseon. In addition, the founding team and advisors will be fully locked for a year as well, and then released at 25% per quarter. Most of the efforts by Roseon will be towards mining rewards (20% of all total supply) and Marketing and Community efforts (20%).
With this in mind, there will be periodic airdrops to supporters and Roseon will also establish a healthy burn-rate to ensure that all buybacks are not circled back to the market. We expect that all token supply to be fully dilutable within three years of the project launch. See full release schedule.
Last modified 7mo ago
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